Craie Paddington satchel for sale!!!

  1. I know some of you are looking for this color so here's your chance! I think it's a good price too! Check out her website. I think she's a PF member too!
  2. (sigh)...I really really really can't buy another bag right now. :hrmm: I've spent almost 3K since May 22nd. If I keep up at this this pace within 6 months I'll be eating Ramon noodles to support my purse habit!!!!

    (sigh again) pretty. I really like Craie but I guess I'll just wait until my bday in November and buy one of the '06 Ivory/cream versions.
  3. Pnay71 - I am not familiar with that site. Where do the bags come from? Do they guarantee aunthenticity? It is so pretty and quite a steal!
  4. She actually consigns so I would say that the bags are authentic. I noticed though that this particular bag is here in the US and tresormakati is in the Philippines. You might want to get as much info about this bag because I'm assuming she didn't see the bag IRL. I know it's really a steal and I was tempted for awhile there even if I'm not really looking for this bag. :biggrin:
  5. Thanks!! I will ask for some pics. The sellers have a 30-day money back gurarantee if the bag is fake. Might be worth the gamble.
  6. moonindigo she's great ive dealt with her before i dont know if she's pf member i know she doesnt sell fake bags that im sure.. pm me if you want her name
  7. From this pic the leather looks a bit stiff and not wrinkled enough I would get more pics before I'd buy. Even in good consignment stores it can happen that a fakes sneaks its way in. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. She has the indigo paddy!!
  9. Greetings to all bag hags :smile:
    Yes i am a member of PF :biggrin:
    And no, there is no chance that this bag is fake.
    The seller would never buy fakes. She stuffed the bag with paper so it looks rather stiff. I would agree with you , tanja, that it does look stiff in that manner, but it is definitely not fake. :smile:
    I also would not lay my name on the line to sell a fake (I'd rather lie down on a railroad track than sell a fake :smile: ). So rest assured it is real, and the seller also would be taking better photos (I asked her to take fotos of it during the day so it's not so blurred-- my own camera does that too if photos are taken at night and against a darker background).
    Again, the craie paddington on my site is not a fake, cheers hags :biggrin:
    Oh and another thing, the seller has given me more info-- the 4 corners of the bag have some scuffing already and there are also some scratch marks on the padlock (a paddington sickness that we all know by now :biggrin:)

    The indigo paddy is already reserved! This is such amusing info to have this as a thread :amuse:

    have a good day hags :smile::love: If you guys have questions, just email :smile: Dont worry, I wont get mad if you suspect the bag is fake, but for sure, do raise the question about authenticity if you are unsure (this is a buyer's right! :biggrin: ) so I can also give as much answers as I can about the merchandise, as well as assurance that I would never sell fakes. You hags have my number and email :biggrin:
  10. Did this bag ever move in sale?
  11. I have been in touch with the seller and hope to seal the deal soon. I am waiting to hear back from her - I hope she didn't sell it someone else!
  12. I'm conflicted on whether or not I want to buy another paddington right now. I want to see what the fall '06 bags are like. I say that because I have a '05 and the leather is amazing. It's vintage-y and super soft. It has the old heavy lock, but to be honest with you I don't even notice the weight. From what other PF'ers have told me, the '06 paddingtons are more lightweight but more stiff and "upright" as well.

    Craie is a discontinued color so this would be an '05 bag, so if you can, snatch it up!
  13. So Moondigo, tell us - did you seal the deal on the craie paddy??

  14. Hi hmwe! I have almost sealed the deal. Hopefully tomorrow! I got my green Betty a few days ago and I have been trying to load pics to my computer but it is not cooperating. It is a really nice color and has a little spunk. :supacool:

    How is your paddy search going?
  15. Congrats :wlae:

    Can't wait to see the pics!!

    I am torn between the blanc from Elizabeth Thomas on eBay/her website ( and the jeune from Aloha Rag.

    I'd love the mousse color too!!! Prolly my fav, but I'd have to pre-order it from LVR and the whole customs/duty thing is a bit daunting.

    My choco went back to Bluefly last week but they have not received it yet, I'll keep ya' posted on how that goes!!