Craie 05 Paddington FINALLY here!

  1. I bought this bag over a month ago, and after a return to sender (incomplete address) and standard shipping across the continent...she's here!!
    I could NOT be happier with this bag!!
    After a month of daydreaming about her in a smaller size I was SO pleased to see how big she is!! HUGE!! I don't know why I was imagining a smaller paddy but I was. It seems much bigger than the ones I was fondling in the store.
    The photo of me carrying her has a flash, yuck, I didn't realize it at the time...I was just back from Costco (notice the mommy goes shopping attire).

    Here are some photo's!!
    I put my shoe in one because when I put the bag down beside my shoes I noticed how big it was, although I have small feet for 5'7".
    And my son has his hand in my bag in one shot, grabbing my Pocky :lol: (my fav. sushi place gives it for free!! Love that)

    Thanks again for the enabling ;)
    paddington1.jpg paddington2.jpg paddington3.jpg paddington4.jpg paddington5.jpg
  2. missed one
  3. It looks great on you Winona...congrats! and yes, you can jam just about everything in the paddy lol.
  4. it looks soooo good on u!
  5. Winona ..... CONGRATS to this beautiful Paddington :flowers: !!! GORGEOUS .... enjoy it :yes: :love:
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. Gorgeous bag!!! And she looks fab on your shoulder! Whew, that was one heck of a journey she's been on, lol!

    I love Pocky too esp. the chocolate one! My friends don't know what I'm talking about when I mention Pocky so I'm just so excited to see it on here, lol!
  8. Sue, OOOOOhhhhh trust me... there are times when the kids don't know I've gone through a box... :graucho:
  9. Wow, your bag has traveled farther than I ever have ( or will!). Congrats - looks gorgeous on you!
  10. WOW! It look FAB on you -Congrats and wear it well!
  11. winona, what is a pink"pocky "your son is grabbing? did u show your daughter the teddy bear pix? purse looks hot, lets see it:biggrin: "dressed up" on friday nite!! Congrats!:heart:
  12. Congrats!! I' so happy that you finally received her after the long time. She'll make the perfect summer bag.
  13. That looks amazing on you! Congrats! I'm glad it finally found its way there after its odyssey.
  14. mmmMMmmm!!! I'm thinking about them now and it's just past midnite here, ack! It's not sold in my town and I always just buy ONE box when I go into Melbourne (approx 2hr drive). I know if I buy more, I'll end up attacking them, eat more than one box and call it lunch.:amazed: So, one in my pantry is all there is at any given time. I'm hopeless.:shame:
  15. CW- it's cookie sticks dipped in chocolate stuff. these are strawberry flavoured. they are treats from Japan.
    I'm showing her the photo's now!