1. Hey everyone, this might be a stupid idea, but I think it might be interesting for those with Birkins to post the craftmen's id on their bags. There are only like 100 right? So i'm sure that it wouldn't be that hard with all the Hermes products on this board! But if no one else thinks that, then I'll just leave it be! :flowers:
  2. This is probably not a good idea....conterfeiters can get a hold of these and use it for their fake bags.

    It would be interesting though, but let's not contribute to the conterfeiting business!
  3. Here's a question related to craftsmans. I know that many of you here have quite an awesome collection of bags. Have you ever had instances where you found that the same craftsman happenet to make several of your bags?
  4. i agree w/ addicted. too many dishonest people on the web.
  5. That was my first thought too!
  6. lol - great minds think alike...;)
  7. This would be interesting to look at our own collection. I only have two bags and they are diff. craftsmen. ;)

    I wonder what the average "term" of a craftsman is? I read in OTINGOCNI's article she posted that the average age is 30. I wonder how long they stay?
  8. All of my bags have different craftsmans. Maybe as my collection grow, I'll find repeats:smile:
  9. Second that thought.
  10. Yes, I have a few repeats. The most significant one is my Kelly and 45cm Birkin both made by the same craftsman 8 years apart.
  11. You must have quite a collection!! 8 years? That is amazing!!! Wouldn't it be nice to actually meet the craftsman in person?
  12. I have several repeats. Especially with the exotic leathers. Two of my ostrich birkins have the same craftsman I.D. And when I loooked at my mother and grandmother's bags, I realized many of their croc birkins were made by the same craftsman as well.
  13. Kou, I introduced those bags to each other as if they were long lost sisters. Doesn't that sound strange?
  14. Wow, I would't have guessed they were so young! Everytime I imagine how the bags are made I think of these nice looking older men in a charming little workshop.. Quite disney'ish, but I like that idea:P
  15. You're describing Claude in NYC.:graucho: :heart: