Craftsmen in Asia?

  1. Does anyone know which Hermes store in Asia has a craftsman?

    Thanks:p !
  2. I believe Singapore has one, at their main flagship store at Liat Towers
  3. ^ Yup we do. They say he has gorgeous eyes. ;)

    I wonder if Japan has one too since they're HUGE.
  4. Thanks Archangel and Queenie!

    Tokyo Traveller mention somewhere else that the Ginza store has an in house craftsman. Wonder if he is there full time...
  5. Singapore definitely has one at Liat Towers :smile:
    He is almost always never around. I think one has to make an appointment
  6. Mrs T ~ he is sometimes sent to H special events in the region e.g. at the Melbourne store opening (don't know if he was at the Seoul store/museum opening). Most times, if he is not at his work desk, he'll be in the office on the second floor, or at the head office.