Craftsman, out of Paris?

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  1. Does every country have an in house Craftsman? (Like Claude in NYC)
  2. No. Not very many countries have. In Asia for example, I think HK and Singapore do - not sure about Tokyo, but I think nowhere else. HTH.
  3. Thanks :flowers:
    Ah well... Lucky NY'ers :P
  4. Tokyo has several craftspeople (I met two!).

    I think Osaka does too.
  5. There's a craftsperson in Shanghai as well. Also, the craftslady Manuella relocated to Japan from the Beverly Hills H store and Beverly Hills store got a new craftsman last summer.
  6. Wow, there are lots more out there in Asia than I thought! Thanks, bags to die for and peggioka!
  7. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, etc.
  8. Taiwan shares a craftsman w/ Korea and HK.
    Shanghai has a resident craftswoman and a few visiting craftsperson.

    They are all trained from H/France and most have a background in leather.
    Each craftsperon have a set of their personal tools that only they use and are custom-made for them.
  9. Germany has one craftsman in Munich.
  10. The UK has one craftswoman in London.