1. "Shop independent, help animals in need" - the motto (if that's the right word?) speaks for itself :biggrin:

    I love indie designers (though I had no interest in them until a short time ago - am nothing, if not honest :biggrin: ), and admire animal rescue organisations, so craftersforcritters is an outfit that I'll spam about until the mods stop me :biggrin: Or at least until Megs or Vlad post about them ...
    Subversive cross stitch knits by (surprise surprise) subversive cross stitch
    Fabric Art T shirt by Adee Art
    Small pet beds by Megan Sullivan
    Nano cozies by jme
    Oh Dear and Follow postcard kits sets by Hope Wallace
    Bead kits by Earthenwood Studio
    (aarti, are you there? :biggrin: )
    Cooshe figures by Axelhoney
    Brown schnauzer earrings by A Planet4Creation (who also posts here :biggrin: )
    Tape measure purse by Erin Originals
    Pink psychedelic purse by Copacetique

    Browse the site if you have the time, please. It's a great cause.

    Thank you for reading this.

    BTW should have posted this right at the start - Overdose of smilies alert!
    Craftersforcritters subversive cross stitch kits by subversive Cross Stitch.jpg
  2. Passerby,

    Could we clone you?:lol: We as in Indie designers. I have never met such a big fan.:yes: Seriously, we are not putting Passerby up to this. In fact it was Passerby posting about my jewelry that got me over here. Thanks!!:heart: :biggrin:
  3. Hi sea4e, LOL about cloning. Someone a few years ago actually imagined there are lots of clones all over Singapore because I spammed erm ... posted quite a fair bit.

    Seriously, never in my wildest dreams would I dream that someday I'd be posting about jewelry, of all things :biggrin:

    Love what you indie designers are doing in support of our animal friends.

    Keep up the great work!
  4. Would any other animal-loving indie designers care to contribute their work to craftersforcritters? :biggrin: