Cracks/splits at side of mouth

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  1. Well, I still have the cold sore under my nose - albeit only red now. But, for about a year, I have been suffering with painful, red cracks/splits at the side of my mouth. Not ALL the time, but more often than not they will appear - where the lips meet at the sides.

    I have tried everything I can think of: Blisteze Healing cream, Blisteze Moisturising Cream, Vaseline, Kamillosan (Marigold ointment), Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera gel and Aloe Vera with Vaseline, various heavy duty creams for eczema (I don't have eczema elsewhere) and even cream for Thrush!!

    Nothing works, I just have to wait it out - usually a good couple of weeks.

    There is no pattern - not associated with the weather etc.

    Is there anything anyone can suggest - please? I am really sick of this :confused1:

    p.s. The are definitely NOT coldsores. I am an expert on what a coldsore looks and feels like! :cursing:

  2. sounds like you have vitamin/mineral deficiencies especially Zinc
  3. Thanks Label Addict, but meant to mention, I take multivits and a separate high dose Vit C with zinc. Also take 6g Evening Primrose Oil - for PMS - also beneficial for skin :shrugs:

    I am looking into Sharks Oil Capsules next - arrived today from New Zealand. Supposedly good for immune system and other things.

    I really don't know what to do next. :sad:
  4. Maybe you have a canker sore? Jojoba oil is great for everything from skin to hair. Tee Tree oil is also very theraputic for skin. Maybe give that a try.
  5. A couple of months ago I had these same sores. I was bleeding at the corners of my mouth, they were so bad. What worked for me was Aquaphor, a thick petroleum-based cream/jelly. I slathered it on when I got home from work and kept reapplying until I went to bed. It looked and felt kinda gross, but it worked. I put it on a few times a week before bed and it has kept the sores at bay.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing this - it is such a pain to get rid of! :cursing:
  6. That sounds orrible! Canker sore
  7. Okay if you think cold sore (herpes) is better? Here is the definition of canker sore. I just tried to give you options on something that might help you.

    An aphthous ulcer or canker sore is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth caused by a break in the mucous membrane. The condition is also called aphthous stomatitis, also known as "Sutton's Disease", especially if there are multiple or recurring mouth ulcers.
  8. I smeared on Burts Bees lip balm very thickly. It seemed to help a lot.
  9. I was getting this last week and they would not go away for a whole week! Then my future-mother-in-law was visiting, and told me that she gets it too and gave me some stuff to put on it. It's actually the same type of medication that I get from the doctor to put on canker sores. After 3 days, it fully healed. Ask your doctor about that.
  10. Whoa! I was only having a laugh! And I do appreciate the advice. Thank you.
  11. Thanks. Is it prescription only cream?
  12. Show it to your doctor and see if she doesn't think it is caused by that annoying herpes virus - not the genital one - the mouth one, and she can give you some Acyclovir pills that you can take a course of a few times a year and keep the horrid little things away.

    There is also Acyclovir cream, but Abreva from the drugstore works better for me in terms of getting them to be less painful and go away.

    The pills won't do much about what is on your mouth now - for that you need a topical (cream), but the pills are great to keep them from coming back, you just have to be sure to remember to ask for some 3 or 4 times a year!
  13. I second this suggestion! I absolutely love Aquaphor and I use it on everything. I put it on my cuticles, healing wounds/scars, any kind of dry skin, etc. I gave it to someone I work with for her cold sore and it helped her, too. I'd definitely try it!
  14. I think you may have an iron deficiency. I believe the problem you are having is actually called 'Angular Stomatitis'. Its common in people with iron deficiency. It can be caused by dryness or opening your mouth too wide. I am not an expert but with my pregnancy I've suffered dangerously low iron levels so have all sorts of info from the doctors & hospitals about it & this is just one of the things it mentions. I developed something sort of similar & I found the very best thing for it was Badger Healing Balm. I put this on my lips roughly every 30 mins cos I was so dry but after a day or so there was such a different I only needed to use it 4 or 5 times a day.

    But you should definitely get your blood levels checked by your doctor.
    Good luck with it.
  15. Thanks guys! Think I will visit my GP. Haven't done so up to now as it appears such a trivial thing. Plus, I always try to solve minor health issues myself before going to the doc. p.s. why aren't the smileys working for me now?