Cracks on Speedy B

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  1. Hi all,

    My heart sank when I noticed tiny cracks on the canvas of my Speedy B this morning. There are 3 of them along the edge of the canvas at the zip. They appear only on the side that touches my body.

    They are very hard to photograph but I've tried!

    I know I have seen this issue before on TPF but can't remember which thread....has anyone any advice? I know LV can't/won't repair canvas. Will this get worse? Is there anything I can do?

    Thank you!

  2. Meant to say it's less than 2 years old and used regularly and while not babied, it's not thrown around. Just in case any of that is relevant! My major concern is if it's inevitable and if it'll get worse. Thanks
  3. I had the same thing happening to my normal speedy, mine was deemed defective and I got store credit as the bag was in great overall condition. I was also scared that it would get worse over time. I’m pretty sure that if you bring it in to your local LV store they will send it in to have it evaluated. This will most likely result in an exchange or store credit.
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  4. I had canvas cracking on a monogram backpack, less than 2 years old. Given that the bag was in excellent condition otherwise, I was offered an exchange or store credit. Take the bag to a store to see what solution you will be offered. Good luck and let us know. I am sorry you have to go through this issue, it's quite unfortunate and unacceptable to me. A bag is not supposed to last an eternity, yet we see vintage bags with perfect canvas all over the Japanese stores on Ebay. Something is not quite OK.
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  5. Go take it in.
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  6. Take it to your store, they will replace it immediately.
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  7. OMG, I was planing go to store today to buy one, now I'm thinking maybe I should opt for a different bag. Hope LV will exchange it for you!
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  8. I have the same issue with my wallet. It's being shipped to France now for repair
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  9. Thank you everyone for your replies. I'll go now and ask them. I'll let you know how I get on.
  10. Oh no.. that's so dissapointing to hear on a bag that's less than 2 years old. Is yours made with the thinner canvas by any chance? Thanks for sharing I never thought of looking down the zipper sides for cracks.
    Hope LV replace it for you with no hassle.
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  11. This sucks! I was eyeing this bag..
    I live in canada and someone said that the canvas is not meant for cold weather? Anyone heard this? Does the cold crack the canvas ?
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  12. Funny you said that. I just had to exchange a bag due to cracking (an artsy mm) and one of the other SAs in the store made a comment to me in passing “out canvas pieces just aren’t made for the Florida heat”...I looked at her perplexed and said “then why are there even boutiques in Florida?”

    Strange comment but I would assume coated canvas pieces should sustain many temperature variances...
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  13. Well I live in Ireland - we don't tend to get extremes of temperatures in either direction. I'm not sure if I have the thinner canvas as I haven't seen the thicker one but I suspect I have. I noticed these cracks completely by accident - the red caught my eye on the train as my bag was on my lap.

    Now an update; a lovely manager helped me and took it in for assessment. They have to send it to Paris. I'll have a result in 1-2 weeks. When an SA was doing the paperwork he commented that it was a known issue with a batch of Speedys but that they couldn't tell which bags would be affected until it happened. He assured me that they would take care of me and that the next bag would not have this issue. Now I wait!
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  14. I had this when my bag was defective. They were able to identify bad batch by my date and factory code. Something like the same ones would have similar defects.
    I'm glad they were helpful and supportive .
    Fingers crossed for you.
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  15. I was told the same thing from my SA. He commented with the canvas is more stiff in cold weather since it is not meant for such cold weather.
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