Cracks in my Besace =(

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  1. I bought this recently and I used it only ytd. When I got home... it got stains from my jeans.

    I used a damp tissue to clean it and I saw cracks. Is there any ways to salve this?

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  2. what is the leather pupee ? I can not see from the pics if it is leather bubbly ? Some tPF-ers had problems with black bubbly leather peeling

    yours looks so pretty, so bad for the cracks :sad:

    I use Apple leather conditioner for my YSL leathers, it erases finger scratches, I do not know about cracks
  3. its croco emb nubuck. i think is calf leather
  4. vesna how do you clean yr white bag? using what products and where to get? thanks!
  5. ohhhh, it is nubuck, my gray is also nubuck, I do not use Apple on it. I clean it with pencil or suede eraser
  6. does gray get colour transfer frm jeans too?
    regarding the cracks i have called up my local YSL.. and they asked me to bring the bag down.. and see what they can do... argh
  7. :sad: I hope YSL can help you! I'd be frustrated too!
  8. i bought the bag to YSL... all they can do is exchange for a new pcs which is at the warehouse.
    from what i know... the new pcs at the w/h is even worst. the front part of the flip is already "tear" =(
  9. What colour is that Besace? I have the turquoise nubuck, never had problems!
  10. white/ivory
    SA said it is more noticeable due to the colour is light.
    don't know how true tt is
  11. gray is very similar to jeans, I do not wear dark wash, but gray and light blue, so I did not notice. I have very light ivory nappa Miu Miu bag which has transfer from everything any time I take it out. That is a nightmare, but it is so pretty I put up with that. Nappa can be cleaned with Loving My Bags cleaners, but nubuck can not. I do not know what would I do with lighter nubuck. :sad:((
  12. ivory nubuck is really v pretty... only the colour transfer puts me off...
    and now the "cracks"
    I shall decide tml when I compare the new pcs transfer from w/h