Crackly Leather.

  1. Is there any way to fix this!? I always thought that there was one type of Balenciaga leather, but mines very crackly! Suggestions???
  2. Okay I see you question is hanging out alone, so let me see if I can help. Do you mean dry, or just veiny? Well what I will suggest could actually help both these things. I moisturize my bags with a combo or one if I don't have the other of Cetaphil Cream and Glysomed Hand Cream. They are odorless (I love the smell of Bal leather), a little goes a long way, and theu are absorbed quickly. When first applied your bag may seem less shiny, but that will go away in a day or two. I am a lover of 05 leather which is much smoother than the new leathers, so this helps with dryness, and it can take away some of the veiny appearance of the leather. I am sure others use different products, but if you like the smell of Bal leather too, stay away from LMB products. The smell is super strong!
  3. I have a bit of crackly leather on the top part of my first, i don't know if you could call it the 'trim'? Anyways, it's not veiny nor really dry... it's almost like the surface has lifted off a bit? But it's not actually peeling away. I should post a photo of what I mean, but even through moisturizing, there is nothing I can do about it, it's just the way that patch is going to look.

  4. Is it at the edge of the bag where the sealant has worn off?
  5. no not at all, no sealant has worn off my bag, and i use it to death. you know the top stiffer part around the zipper? it has a crackly area of leather that is in no way deffective, just a different texture.