Crackled patent leather flap question

  1. I was able to track one down but it only 8 inches by 4 inches with 1.5 depth. What do you think, is that tiny??? I compared the dimensions to my east/west which is 10 by 5 by 2. It seems really tiny but I love the cracked patent. Anyone see this bag IRL before?
  2. Wow, that is itty bitty. I haven't seen it IRL though.
  3. the crackled patent is gorgeous!:drool: :drool:
  4. I know, it is itty bitty, I wish it were bigger. Is it unwise to spend any money on such an itty bitty bag?
  5. it is fantabulous! :supacool:
  6. Do u have a pic?
  7. No, I haven't seen it IRL. Does anyone have a bag 8 inches by 4 inches? Is it useful at all?
  8. That is pretty small. An evening wont hold much. The small flaps are really tight inside. No way you can find a larger Crackled? I have the beige and Navy in Jumbo, I ADORE that line. You might want to try eBay. Personalshoppers have one in medium listed now and its not that much more then retail. Good luck and keep us posted!