Crackled Patent in Navy

  1. Ok girls, I need your help?! Can anyone locate one of these for me? I am DESPERATE!!!!! :crybaby:

    PM Me if you have seen one recently!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. IN JUMBO Size
  3. I saw one at Neiman Marcus in KOP but that was two weeks ago... I am sure you checked there!
  4. Knowing my idiot SA its probably sitting right there on the shelf! LOL
  5. is crackled patent different from regular patent or is there only one? because i saw a navy patent at Saks nyc last week.
  6. what color is next on your list????
  7. I just know my Man Michael is going to hook her up!!

  8. ^^Not sure, but I thought the Classic was the patent and the crackled was the reissue.
  9. The classic is the crackled as per the Chanel 800#. Saks didnt get the classic only the reissue.