Crackled Patent Calfskin Flap Bag w/ puzzle quilting

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  1. I ADORE the puzzle quilting!! I think it's so adorable and unique, I love both, but I think I'd rather have the black... possibly with SH if that is available?? Love love love it either way though!! If you REALLY want the red though, why not continue your search? Unless it's absolutely impossible to find and you've tried everything... why settle for any less than what you want the most? :smile:
  2. I love the red and navy, but especially the red!!!
  3. I love both!! cant decide which I like more lol
  4. Hey! I know that some colors come in two sizes, just called small and regular size I think - at least that's what the lady told me. It's about half the size of the regular one and looks really similar to the east/west bags.

    I don't know how much it would be in the US but here in sydney the regular sized ones are priced at 4040 and the smaller ones at about 3090.

    I don't think it would look similar to the patent classic jumbo flap at all. it's such a ridiculously good looking bag.. i'm still debating whether to get the red or black tho. it's such a hard toss up!
  5. i just rang chanel and the bag u looking for its in sydney store now :girlsigh:
  6. haha yeah i went the other day and they had one piece left! apparently there was a wait list for it. will definitely be getting one soon.
  7. who pulled this thread up??? :drool::drool::drool:

  8. prices anyone on flaps & the tote. thanks.
  9. Flap size 225 USD3095 + tax
  10. small tote is USD2325

    i saw the red in person in barcelona and it's gorgy! but the blue they got was def darker than the royal blue we're supposed to be getting in the strange!
  11. i got the navy blue patent puzzle one from heathrow terminal 3 last week. they have four instock after i bought mine.

    it's 1336 pounds duty free in the airport and 1570 pounds in retail.
  12. No< I think you should wait for the red. It's just better in red IMO.
  13. I had my name on a waiting list for a blue puzzle tote for 2 months and my SA sent it yesterday. I can't wait to see it, should be here in a day or so.