Crackled Patent Calfskin Flap Bag w/ puzzle quilting

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  1. I'm planning on buying the new puzzle quilted flap bag from the spring-summer 08 collection. It comes in red and it's gorgeous. Unfortunately they're sold out here in sydney so i just wanted to get everyone's opinion on the black one.

    Be really great too if anyone has modelings pics w/ this beauty!


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  2. I have the black one and absolutely love it but I don't have modeling photos. If you check my other posts under the search "puzzle", you will find the attached pictures I had when I first got it. Good luck in your quest...

  3. thanks for the post!! your bag is stunning!!xx
  4. i saw the red and navy ones today at Chanel on 57th St in NYC. Maybe they can ship it to you? The red was a complete stunner. So much better than in pictures.
  5. I love the black. :love: It's very pretty. An excellent 2nd choice. :tup:
  6. They have the red and navy here in the Singapore boutique. I don't know if they ship internationally but you could call and check. Prices in US are better though. You really can't go wrong with black if you choose to get that in the end. Good luck!
  7. yup you're so right with the prices! it's more expensive here for some reason! this bag is retailing for 4040AUS, but you get 10% back if you travel within a month. i'd love to be able to buy from the US instead.
  8. [​IMG]


    Lovely bag even though i don't own one:love:
  9. Very pretty.
  10. it looks so good in red!
  11. the black is nice but the red is a stunner!
  12. its gorgeous... i got the navy blue...
  13. I love the texture of this bag. It looks very interesting yet still classic. All of the colors are great. If you can't find the red, I think the black is just as lovely.
  14. I don't think there's anything wrong with black -it's the next best thing after red, IMO ;)
  15. Since I did not care for the quilted vinyl line, I am interested in the puzzle bags.

    Do the flaps come in different sizes? What are the prices?

    I have a black patent classic jumbo flap so wondering if they are too similar.

    Isn't there a tote size as well & how much is that? Thanks.