crackled patent blush vs. white

  1. i've been thinking about getting a white classic flap, but now i've managed to track down the crackled patent blush in med. which is the size i want...i can only afford to get one, do you think the blush is as versatile as the white? or more so?

    let me know your thoughts...thanks ladies
  2. Blush is classic Chanel in my opinion. Works all season and is gorgeous
  3. I agree...I think the blush is a bag you can carry anytime! The color is lush and will go with everything! lovely as well but I would be worried all the time about getting it dirty! KWIM!?
  4. Is the white patent also? We just bought a white patent and it is soooo pretty.
  5. I like the blush WAY BETTER..treat it as a neutral and it goes with ANYTHING!
  6. Blush, because white is not easy to maintain.
  7. I agree that the blush is neutral and can go w/anything- I vote for the blush!
  8. Well you guys know what my answer is. White is pretty but the blush is EXTRAORDINARY!!!! Go for the blush, you will NOT be sorry. You can always purchase a white Chanel. That blush is a rare color that might never be made again.
  9. If its between white caviar classic and blush patent, I'd go with the white caviar. Not sure how long patent will be "in", but caviar will always be. (The blush is very gorgeous too though.)
  10. i love the blush color, but i like caviar leather better than patent.. so i guess i'm no help:s
  11. another vote for blush....stunning!
  12. i got the white caviar b4 the price hike, not feeling it, so i returned it, then i saw this blush color and OMG, i found one and glad i found this unique color! it's stunning, and the color goes better on my Asian skin tone (white seems too harsh on me). the color is neutral enough that it should go with many different colors. patent is in, but honestly if i love the bag i don't care whether it is seasons ago.

    so i def. vote for the blush patent!
  13. - do the blush!! it's sooooo spectacular!!

    it's not a SUPER pink, like the baby pinks or magentas... so it will go w/ a LOT because it is such a soft color. you will still love it for MANY years

    IMO, the white caviar will be around for a LONG time to come... so i would just go for the blush if you really love it! -if you STILL love the white, you can always pick it up in the future after you've saved -you don't want to regret missing out on the blush later, as they are more limited than the white!!
  14. I think the blush is a very pretty soft neutral in a unique color! IMO, patent is a classic (especially in the med. classic flap style), because Chanel has been doing patent forever! You can always find a white classic bag should you decide you want one, but who knows if you can find the patent in this hot color!! Good luck deciding :smile:

  15. hm.... its hard to choose.... i personally LOVE the color blush more.... but it being patent and all... i dont like it too much. i am worried in a week it will be covered in my finger prints.... and i also think color transfer will be harder to handle in patent. having said this, i prefer white caviar.