Crackled patent bags at Nordie's (picture)

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  1. Danny sent these to me from Nordie's Seattle. The two darker bags are in navy blue, and the white one in the middle will also come in blue (all crackled patent). I just bought the one on the far right, it was $1825.

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  2. I think the bordeaux bag I just got may be a crackled patent. I love the color and look of it.
  3. I love the one you bought! Do you know the measurements?
  4. i saw them yesterday at my local boutique ..they had a very large classic flap ... meduim black one was sooo cute ..
  5. Roey-
    I don't know the measurements, but he said it was alot roomier then the classic flap in the middle - it looks quite a bit deeper (thicker?). I'll post the exact size when it arrives. He said I got the last one in that size and color, but the other 2 Nordie's stores that carry Chanel might have it.
  6. can you please post pics of your new bag? i would love to see it being modeled. thanks!
  7. thank you for the pictures, they're all soo gorgeous!! can't wait till you receive your's!
  8. your new bag is beautiful!!! congrats and post pictures when you get it please! :smile:
  9. They are all beautiful! Can't wait for yours to come!
  10. You such a gorgeous choice!!! Congratulations!!

    The middle one looks like the classic patent similar to the one i have.. not cracked leather :shrugs:
  11. Thanks everyone! I just have to say, I'm so glad I found this site. I don't know anyone who gets excited about handbags. My husband calls this site my "people", like we're a seperate race.
    Will post pics as soon as it's in my hot little hands.
  12. :P I want to reach into the computer and swoop all those beauties up .
  13. I love these bags.
  14. Congratulations, these bags are gorgeous and the color must look great in reality. Can't wait to see the pics.
  15. :roflmfao: