Crackled Jumbo flap in pink/beige...another one!!!!

  1. SO, Selena got is first!! Im in love and ordered it today!! I went to dinner with my husband tonight and told him..I think Im falling out of love with LV...:wtf: that was his expression!! I have never been a Chanel girl...its happening..maybe its my age ..Im not sure. But I love this bag and I will see where it takes me!! I know this...I do not carry any of my Lvs anymore besides my Sophie!! Im changing!! I will post pics ASAP!!:yahoo:
  2. Yeah we are twins!!!!!!! I have really streamlined my LV collection. I am down to 8 LVs which is REALLY LOW for me. I had like 20 at one point!!

    Post pictures as soon as you get it. You will NOT regret it. Its so freaking fab!!!!
  3. Your bags are gorgeous! I am very jealous! Does anyone know if the crackled flap in pink comes in the medium size, or only the jumbo?
  4. LOVE THAT BAG!Congrats!!!
  5. Yes it comes in Med. I am pretty sure Jill said NM in King of Prussia PA.
  6. Selena, you are awesome. I will call tomorrow to see if I can get it. I'll let you know how it turns out!
  7. Congratulations !! i love how everybody is shifting from LV to CHANEL !
  8. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pics!!!!! :yahoo:
  9. Post pics when you get it!!

  10. i must say yr collections of the jumbo flaps & the kelly bags are simply fabulous:yahoo:
  11. AWW!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to see pics, woohoo!!
  12. congrats!!! I also just got mine but in the medium size from Vegas NM, OMG, that color is TDF!!!
  13. omg congrats! cant wait to see the pictures
  14. Hmm...maybe I'll try and track down a jumbo! Love my medium, but that way, me and cutestmomever can keep the navy patent medium!
  15. Oh, coz you and your mom don't want 2 medium patent bags? It's so cool you and your mom share the same mom is not into fashion I like at all!! She shops at Kohls!