cracking straps?

  1. not sure quite how to describe it.. but the sides of the strap of my sophia seem to be starting to crack a bit. it is quite new i have only taken it out once! should i be concerned? should i get the strap repaired or replaced? don't know what to do... is this a common thing for the bags with a type of 'enamel' on nthe side of the strap? :sad:
  2. Hmm.. I haven't noticed this with my bags, but maybe I haven't looked closely enough. My bags are darker in color too, so maybe not as noticeable. If it really bothers you, you should bring it back if you bought it at a dept store, or ring up the MJ boutique and see what they recommend.
  3. I have noticed that this happens on my bags as well where the straps get the most use.

    The plastic stuff on the edge of the straps starts to crack. Not sure what to do about it but I figure it is just normal wear and tear.
  4. ok thx! :smile:
  5. The stuff on the edge is edge paint.. it's like a waxy/plastic polymer that is used to seal off an edge, sort of cheaper than using a turned edge, in some cases.

    Theonly bad thing is that this stuff kind of dries out over time and use... cracking is something you can't avoid in most cases.
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  7. Thanks, novosibirsk :heart: