Cracking Patent Leather?

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  1. I noticed someone saying that patent leather cracks in the cold?! I have never heard of this. Is this true? How cold does it have to be to make it crack? Now I am worried.
  2. i just read this too and also want to hear about this as i am contemplating my first patent bag. to anyone who knows about this, please let us know! thanks in advance!
  3. i don't know if patent leather really crackles as my mom and i had the patent leather sabrina during the winter of 2009 but I do know that patent leather does scratch as well and the bad thing is once it scratches, it peels the top layer off.

  4. have you noticed if it has more issues where the bag folds or slouches? also, if the corners get any wear, does it peel there too? thanks!
  5. :wtf:

    What is this about patent leather cracking? Has anyone here experienced this? Be still my beating heart....
  6. My heart is about to stop especially since I have bought 7 patent leather bags in the past month and I will die if they start cracking or peeling.
  7. Oh wow please don't be true my sis just brought me the Blue Patent Leather Bleecker awaiting arrival from Las Vegas.

    A TPF expert will confirm if not going to call Coach in the morn.
  8. Please don't tell me that either I have 2 patent and two patent wallets too
  9. Hmm, I have several Patent bags and live in a cold winter climate and have never had any issues with cracks. One of the reasons I prefer Patent to any other material is it's ability to withstand weather better than other types of leather. I suppose if you left it in freezing temperatures for hours on end every day, then maybe? But for every day use, I think it can last outside as long as you can in the cold weather, but that's just my experience and opinion...
  10. Mine has not cracked yet, I bought it before Christmas and I left it in the closet for three weeks. Nothing happened to it, although it is not to cold here (Northern CA) it rains a lot so :shrugs:

    I found this ;)

    Credit to eHow. Link here
  11. Brilliant! Thanks :smile:
  12. I had a non-Coach genuine patent leather bag for 20 years and I did not put petroleum jelly on it or do nothing but store it in a pillowcase and it did not crack. It was not kept in cold temps, though.

    By the way, has anyone ever put petroleum jelly on their Coach patent leather bag? If so post your story here, it would be interesting.
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    Oh, it might be me who mentioned that. That's just a fear of mine because sometimes in the winter the temperatures can go below -25 degrees Celsius and I've seen my scarf turn into a solid biscuit with water crystals hardening the fabric. Everything around turns stiff as boards and the ice on the ground turns into hard rocks. So, I extrapolated and pictured the soft pliable plastic coating turning into an icesheet and any pressure could cause fractures on the leather. Also, if you've seen those liquid nitrogen experiments, things can get really icy and break easily--but luckily things don't get that cold.

    So, for me, when I purchased a Berry Patent Delphine in the dead of winter, I was terrified and I really wanted to use the bag too! So, I was upset with my purchase and had to return it. Also, it was $369 (before tax) and it was still too expensive for a bag that I couldn't carry in the winter.

    Well, fast forward six or seven months later into the summertime, I am embracing my new Patent Zoes. But, I will put them away once the temperature dips below -10 degrees Celsius. I don't want to take any chances with these beauties. Since I have regular leather Zoes to turn to, I won't be feeling too sad about not using my patent ones during the coldest temperatures of the year. ;)

    So, for me I am concerned because I've seen how materials respond below -25 C and I wouldn't want to experiment with any of my patent leather bags. :nogood:

    Sorry about escalating this fear. :flowers: Unless you live in Siberia, I don't think most of you have to worry much about the winter cracking your patent leather bags.
  14. Im concerned too as i just recently bought my first patent leather bag. All patent i mean.
  15. I've had the pond patent ergo tote for a little over a year and it still looks great, with no cracking. I don't use it in the really cold temps though since I see it more as a summer bag anyway. And it does get cold here, this winter it was -40*F for almost a week!