Cracking or the natural look of the leather

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  1. Hi guys, I recently got a black Birkin in Togo leather from my local store. I just noticed there are some cracks on the back of the flap (other places are smooth). Do you guys think it is the natural look of the leather? Can you guys send me some detail pics of your bag? Thanks!! IMG_1479.JPG IMG_1483.JPG
  2. There is an earlier thread asking the same question and this is normal for a grained leather. Nothing to be worried about.
    Congrats and enjoy!
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  3. If you have any concerns about the quality or condition of a new bag you have recently bought from an Hermes store, you should take it back and discuss it with the sales staff.

    They should be able to either put your mind at rest or remedy the problem.

    I think the first question would be, 'What cracking?'
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  4. They are the grains of the leather.
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  5. Mine look the same.
  6. Exactly.
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  7. Nope, not cracks. This is the new normal of H leather. I think we all have to get used to it.
  8. Maybe mods can collate a master thread as this seems to be a very popular question.
  9. my 2015 production togo gris-t has the same leather. this togo leather is softer and puffy compared to the other togo. animals are different so are the leather.
  10. Yup it is the grains. I had this same concern actually. But if you bend the leather slightly you can see that it is not cracks, but just the grain of the leather.