Cracking on Victoria FT handles - anyone else?

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  1. Curious to know: Has anyone else experienced this with their Victoria's?
    I've noticed a number of cracks (about 3mm deep) on the handles of my Victoria. The cracks are located on the sides - just above the diamond shaped stitching (to hold the handle & bag together) ~ If that makes any sense?

    Sorry I do not have any photos because I had already brought my bag back to H. But I thought I'ld post this message to see if my bag was the only one experiencing this problem or could it be a design fault?

    I had the bag for about 1.5 months. And I'm a little disappointed because I don't carry super heavy items in my bag (and Victoria FT is suppose to be a luggage/carry-on)...Can't wait to hear your inputs! :heart:
  2. I dont own one ( I would love to)
    so I cant help , but am sure other members will be along

    I think thats v bad though this is happening so soon, I hope H can help put it right
  3. i have the victoria vt and so far no craacking. i haven't had her for very long-about 3 weeks but use her every day. i don't carry exceptionally heavy things but i certainly think we should be able to carry the normal stuff plus a book and a bottle of water (or things like that). i don't carry a book or water. i hope h fixes your bag or better yet gives you a new one given how new it is. please post how it works out. i love the victoria and don't have any intention of babying her.
  4. Oh that's awful! What kind of leather is it?
  5. Yikes! I love that bag and have been eyeing one recently. What did the SAs say when you brought it back? Did they act surprised? Did they mention anyone else having such a problem?
  6. Is the cracking along the resin on the sides? Does it extend to the leather? If the cracking is along the resin and is localized only to the resin and does not extend to the leather, it is the grain coming out. I've had this happen to some bags. The Victorias I have seen have all been clemence so since this leather is very flexible. Because of this, the resin will crack because of the movement along these areas. They can try to reapply the resin, but it will probably continue to occur with use. Plus, you don't to apply too much resin because then you'll lose the flexibility in the straps.
  7. thanks girls for your responses! to answer some of your questions:

    -it is clemence leather
    -when I showed my SA the cracks she was a surprized and went to show the acting store manager the cracks. I then left the bag with her and she said they will ship it to Paris and see what Paris says...So I dont think my SA saw this happen before. Keep in mind the Victoria was in our local H for about 2 months and I got it almost immediately upon arrival. But at the same time I wasn't shocked about the cracks (hence I never thought of photo-graphing it) but then I got curious and thought maybe I should check with other pf'ers.
    -HG I think you are right... well I think as of now the cracks are more or less along the resin or a little deeper I don't realy know how much is resin & leather. But I agree with you...clemence is really soft & flexible but then you'ld like the cracks should be further up the handles where it is most (touched, moved, rubbed again our coats etc) & not close to the body of the bag.... I dont know?
  8. Oh, that doesn't sound good at all :nogood:. I think Hermes will do a touch up on the resin. I saw a craftsman did it once on a Birkin.

    It is unusual though that it happened in such a short time. Furthermore, you only have the bag for a short time and you don't carry heavy things in it.

    Hmm ...
  9. ^^It happened within a few months of my having my bag. But it made sense when it was explained to me. Clemence is a very soft leather so I can see why it cracked so quickly.
  10. hermesgroupie-what happened with your victoria? i hope mine doesn't crack. could it be fixed? is it just the resin and not the leather and what does that even mean? sorry for so many questions.
  11. ^^^It wasn't with a Victoria, but I've seen this "cracking" phenomena happen with other styles of bag that are clemence. Since the cracking was isolated to the resin and didn't extend to the leather, I was told it was normal for this to happen to clemence and that I could take it to Claude but since it wasn't bad, to wait until it was much worse. Frankly, it hasn't gotten much worse since that time so I never did take it to him.
  12. It has happened to the handles on my Clemance Birkin. The problem is the flexibility of the bag. Once you get it fixed the chance is it will come back. Just be careful with the amount of resin they are putting on your bag, it can become like a tar feeling after a while. KWIM?
  13. hermesgroupie-thanks so much. guess it's not so bad if it stays really small.
  14. HG, do you think that the cracking only happens to big bags in Clemence leather?
  15. ^^^It happened to my little ones too.