Cracking MJ Strap?


Oct 18, 2013
Hi everyone, I am still quite new here and was wondering if you lovely ladies would be able to help me out with your great knowledge about MJ. I love the look of the Classic Q Natasha! I recently came by a seller who is selling the Natasha. But the problem with the bag is that the strap has a bit of cracking going on. I was wondering if it's a good idea to buy the bag with this problem. If so, how do I prevent it from cracking anymore? Also, maybe my eyes is playing tricks on me, but do you see any colour transfer on the back? TIA! :biggrin:


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Nov 17, 2012
It's hard to tell from the pics if that's color transfer or shadows from the lighting. I have a Natasha in cement and it got color transfer from my leather jacket. Just used baby wipes on it and Voila it disappeared :smile:
My Natasha is my go to travel bag and I tend to stuff it a lot and it gets heavy. So if you tend to carry a lot and there are already cracks in the bag I personally wouldn't recommend it. I'd just get a brand new one.
I've had my Natasha for almost a year now and have used it a lot but no cracks on the straps. HTH