cracking leather..what to do??

  1. I have what I call my "starter kelly." It is black box rigide with GHW and it is quite old, probaby from the late 50's or so. However, it still looks fairly good and because it is older I can take it anywhere without worry. If the corners get banged up I just use some black Meltonian cream and they look great.

    Recently though I have noticed some cracking on the top (where the leather bends over to close the top flap). Is there anything that can be done? Should I keep it or sell it to someone else as a "starter bag." I have to admit that I love having a Hermes bag I can bang around in.

    Any thoughts from the Hermes brain trust?
  2. birkincurious, i am sorry to say that cracking leather is a bad sign, not much can be done to improve that, but since you say you like a bag you can bang around in, i say keep it unless you want to sell it to fund another better bag, then you can pass it on to another for their starter, either way you cannot lose :tup:
  3. Do you think you can show us some close up shots? Is it cracking or creasing. If it's the latter, it will need a moisture booster at the H store. Time for spa?
  4. Here they are, they look worse with a flash on them though than they do in real life
    kelly bag 004.jpg kelly bag 005.jpg kelly bag 006.jpg PICT2017.jpg
  5. birkincurious, I'm afraid there's not very much that can be done.