Cracking in Leather of Alma BB

  1. Hey guys. I just purchase a new Alma BB from the Louis Vuitton store less than a week ago. I have not worn it out yet and noticed there was a spot where the leather lifts off of the bag near the stitching. Is this normal or should I exchange it for a new one?
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  2. Maybe it’s the angle but I’m having a hard time seeing it. If you’re not happy take it back.
  3. I’m sorry, this was the best pic I got. I went ahead and circled the crack in red. Thank you for responding!
  4. Looks like a nick or a cut
  5. Yes, it lifts off to show the interior of the leather but the problem is I haven’t had a chance to wear it out yet :doh:
  6. If your not happy just take it back. You don't need a whole thread on the issue to justify a return. The only opinion that counts is yours. Make sure you check your next bag more carefully. Good luck. :smile:
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