Cracking/ glazing issue ??


Sep 24, 2013
Hi everyone I would like your opinions on my ZCP. I have had this wallet for roughly 2 years with hardly any use as it was not the wallet for me, it was stored safely in I dust bag. However I recently went to use it and noticed the glazing on the edges I all split. I went to my nearest boutique and the said it’s normal and it would cost $180 to send it to Spain to be reglazed? (I am in Australia btw). I just wanted to know everyone’s thought on whether this is necessary or if the splitting is just a cosmetic issue? Thanks :smile:

Guy Chanon

Jul 18, 2018
Well, I would not say it's abnormal, but I think it can be better (I mean not splitting) considering it's an LV. Is it hot where you store the bag? From my knowledge, storing your bags or SLGs in their dust bags all the time and not using them is not the best way to store them.