Crackin down on fakes!!

  1. You know, I noticed a lot of fakes in Italy. Everywhere I went, the tourist attractions always had someone with a blanket set out with fakes. We were waiting in line for the Vatican museum and there were so many fake bag vendors that would just walk down the line, hawking fake Prada and Gucci.

    Here's a photo I took of some bags while we were in Venice. VENICE for fakes.. bleh. :Push:

  2. Just heard a short story on National Public Radio - a Chinese-owned factory in Tuscany was busted yesterday and approximately 650,000 fake Gucci and LV bags were seized. The reporter said that many producers of fake bags were setting up shop in the region so they could legitimately claim their products were Made In Italy. :wtf:

    Hopefully this will deter some of the manufacturers and we can get some of those nasty fakes off the market (and off of eBay!)
  3. YAY!!!:yahoo: :party:
  4. Yahhh!! that's a good sign. Fakes are disgusting, they should get it off the market asap. And like if you couldn't afford a real one, why bother carrying a fake? You must carry a fake to comfort yourself that you're like every other person who are carrying the REAL thing. If you get my drift.
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  6. Wonderful! Stuff like this is the only things that actually have an effect.
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  8. That is good.
  9. i agree that fakes should be cracked down upon, but I don't think that people should be looked down upon for purchasing fakes.

    If they can't afford a real bag then I don't see the problem with them buying fakes, you should be flattered ladies that people that carry fakes aspire to be like you!!
  10. But one can purchase alternatives such as inspired bags, rather than bags that seek copyright infringement. You can buy bags that fit within your budget that aren't fakes too ! :yes:
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  12. I think many people who carry the fake just see it as a way to save money. If they "wanted to be like everyone else" so badly then they would probably save up the money or go into debt over it. They get a fake because it's "the same thing" for less basically. Sure the quality isn't that great...but they can buy MANY of those for the same cost.

    I'm not validating buying fakes...but I think many people find reason in their head for buying fakes other than just fitting in.