Cracker-lovers unite!

  1. This might sound very odd, but I deeply appreciate crackers. Cheez-Its, Goldfish, Wheat Thins.

    They're my junk food. There's not a day that goes by that I don't eat a bunch of crackers. Eating crackers in bed is like my hobby!

    Anyone else love crackers? Because really, among my friends, I am the only one. My boyfriends have always thought my love for crackers is odd. :yahoo:
  2. Mmmmm...crackers. Huge cracker fan here..I live for and dream about cheez-it and goldfish lol. Yay!:yahoo:
  3. I LOVE rice crackers:heart: I have to eat some every day:shame:
  4. Oh, my weakness. I can eat a whole box of Cheez-its.
  5. Honey Wheat Thins. So delicious.
  6. Wheat Thins, Cheez-It's, and Triscuits. Soo good.
  7. did you say :heart: CHEEZ-ITS????:heart:

    and i do so love crackers and cheese. i have a little ritual of cutting up the cubes, having with a glass of wine. and there are some almond-stuffed olives in the mix too.
  8. I love crackers too. Gold fishes are the best! I like to munch them with cheddar.
  9. I am a cracker girl!! Have you tried the ritz chips crackers? They are lighter and thin? ADDICTIVE!!!
  10. i'm a saltine cracker advocate. love love love them. salty crunchy goodness.
  11. OMG--me too!!!! I love love Goldfish, Cheez-Its..:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: most of all, I love eating the entire box... is that wrong? lol:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  12. I eat those 100 calorie packs of cheez-its, wheat thins, etc......such a small amount for so many calories.....darn it!!
  13. the hundred calorie packs are really good...I buy them and snack on them at school!
  14. omg I read the title as crack lovers unite!!!
  15. i thought i was the only one who LOVED crackers!!! i love this place! :nuts: :heart: ...I prefer saltines :P
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