Cracked Silver Ava Clutch

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  1. Can anyone remember who was looking for one???

    I did leave a message in the chat thread, but whoever it was didnt own up!!

    I know this post will prob get removed or moved to the shopping section, but I wanted to put it where it would be seen even for a little while.

    Anyway - there is one about to end on evilbay & I wanted to make sure whoever it was that wanted one, knew about it. I am just having a mind blank about who it was!!! :nuts:
  2. Hands up it was me !!
  3. Phew!!!

    Are you still looking??

    Its about to end I think!!
  4. Thanks for the heads up but I've sort of changed my mind and quite fancy a blue daria clutch .....thanks anyway !
  5. :lol: No worries!! :biggrin: