Cracked Leather

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  1. I think I'm at my wits end. Does anyone have any solutions for cracked/scratched up leather for old handbags? I've tried everything, but I think I'm making things worse. Any suggestions are more than welcome! :yes:
  2. I can only tell you that from my experience, I purchased a Brighton at least 10 years ago in Dallas, and a couple of years ago after not wearing it, when I pulled it out of my closet, I noticed some cracking of the leather on the shoulder straps. Since we had horses at the time, I had saddle soap, so I thought "what the heck, I'll try it". I wouldn't wear the purse in the condition that it was in anyway, so I used the soap on the straps, and they turned out absolutely beautiful. A little darker....but restored. The leather on the Brighton was dyed and didn't have any other type of finish on it as far as I could tell, so I believe the saddle soap worked really well. Good luck with whatever you do!
  3. Thank you so much. I'll try this out.