Cracked inking after 6 months

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  1. This isn't normal wear and tear after 6 months is it? The bag has been used less than 10 times. It's a heritiage oak bayswater.
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  2. I’m not an expert to say if this is normal but I had a similar issue with a Tessie satchel. I contacted customer services and they got me to fill in a repair form and arranged to collect it. Fixed it under warranty and sent it back to me. The experience with customer service was excellent so I suggest you get in touch with them. Hopefully you still have proof of purchase as you will need to provide it.
  3. I have proof of purchase. Bought it from John Lewis but would prefer to get it repaired by Mulberry than a refund from John Lewis.
  4. I would contact Mulberry first to see if they can repair it or have any advice for you. I don't think John Lewis would usually help with this kind of thing.
  5. Your contract is with John Lewis. If you have had it for less than six months, then legally the onus is on the seller to prove that the item was not defective at the point of sale. After six months, the onus is on you to prove it, so the outcome may be different. I would take it to your nearest John Lewis store initially and depending if you are under six months, they may just exchange it or give you a refund however they do have the option legally to offer a repair. Over six months, and you would have to accept a repair. Also over six months, and it could be deemed as fair wear and tear although I would hope not.
  6. I bought a Blush Bryn from John Lewis at a Price Match event (they matched Mulberry sale price) with slightly scratched hardwear and they sent it back to Mulberry for repair at no cost to me. It came back to JL for free collection so I was happy. They used to have 12 month guarantee though not sure if this is still the case.