Cracked heels and calloused feet

  1. How do you all care for your feet and has anyone found a good cream for skanky cracked heels! I always suffer with them especially in the summer when i wear flat shoes all the time that provide no support.
  2. A week ago my feet were totally cracked and dry. I got a pumice stone and I started using that twice a day- once in the morning towards the end of my shower and again at night (I either take a bath and do it at the end of my bath or just wash and soak my feet and then use the pumice stone on them.) At night, after I've washed and pumiced my feet, I've been putting Burts Bees Hand Salve (aka Farmer's Friend) on them and then putting socks on my feet with the salve on overnight. In the morning they are nice and soft- then I go out in sandals and they do dry up by the end of the day, but the cracks have pretty much gone away and they look much better.
  3. This is what I use:

    Microplane (much better than that Ped Egg thingy) or pumice stone
    Amlactin (contains lactic acid, great for sloughing off skin gently)
    Shea Butter
  4. I use a Ped egg about twice/month and I use a pumice stone at the end of every shower.
    I put thick cream on my feet and wear socks for the night to make it soak in.

    Really moisturizing is key, the exfoliating is when you've let the dry skin go too long.
  5. For me just good 'ole fashioned vaseline, thick in old sox at night. Super soft feet, even wearing flip flops, almost every day, year round.
  6. Last year my mom had cracked heels that were so bad, they'd bleed. I talked her into getting in the habit of using a pumice in the shower and slathering her feet in lotion at night, and within a few weeks, her feet were totally healed. Now, to maintain them, she uses a pumice bar called Mr. Pumice and does the night lotion thing every couple of days.
  7. I use a pumice stone in shower then a good foot cream ( I use curel) mixed with baby oil. everyday. no more dry feet.
  8. I second a Ped Egg and a pumice stone. For just general moisturization, I will use vaseline...slather it on generously and put some socks on and let it soak in.

    For really cracked heels, the best thing I have found is Flexitol Heel Balm. It's made specifically for cracked heels and although it's not glamorous and doesn't smell nice, I'm telling works wonders. You can find it at any drug store, Wal Mart, Target, the foot care section. And it's dirt cheap. Use it the same way you'd use anything else...after a shower and scrubbing the area with a pumice or a ped egg or whatever, slather it on generously and put some thick socks on. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll see results. I'm talking just a few DAYS.
  9. L'Occitane has a wonderful shea butter foot cream that is great and I also use one from

    Bath & Body works along with their exfoliator and also the aha for heels...they work

    and the diamancel is great
  10. I "third" the makes my feet so much more softer than any $20 pedicure I've had. Just be sure to use a gentle hand!
  11. I read in Health magazine, a foot model was confessing her secrets and pumicing after every shower was one of them. Also she mentioned about she moisturized her feet every night before bed. It had made a world of difference for me.

  12. *Yup this what I do and I have nice soft heels..
  13. it's really so easy to maintain soft feet. . . you just can't let them go for a while and get all cracked and thick :-s
  14. people must let their feet go for a long, long while to get them cracked and thick...