Cracked dry winter feet

  1. Okay this is embarrasing, but my feet are really dry this winter. I've tired Burt's bees foot stuff, vaseline foot stuff, that horse hoof stuff - nope, nothing has really worked that well.

    I'm desperate. I need foot cream rec's ladies!!!
  2. One pedicurist told me one time that you can slather as much stuff on as you want, but if you don't pumice away the dead stuff, it won't do any good. Hope that helps. I use vaseline myself and socks. (vaseline first and then socks LOL)
  3. I agree with coachwife6. The dead stuff has to come off, or the cream or whatever will never get to the good skin. I have to regularly give my feet TLC in the winter including pumice in the shower (both a stone and a gel with pumice), Jergens extra dry skin lotion and then the socks. Sounds silly but the socks really make a difference by keeping the lotion or vaseline on your feet.
  4. Go get a pedicure by a professional and she'll shave off your dry calloused heels and toes with one of those things with a razor blade inside it. Then buy Gehwol's Medicated Foot Salve and put it on before bed (don't forget to put socks on after you put this on because it does get greasy!) Do this for a few nights and your feet will be so happy!
  5. I agree with everyone that the dead skin has to come off before any moisterizers soak in. Once you rub away the dry stuff, you will feel the difference! Good Luck!
  6. I have the same problem. When I file & moisturize a few days in a row, there is no problem. But sometimes I'm too tired and get lazy. My feet are so dry right now! I recommend a diamancel foot file. It's the only one that doesnt get dull. I have this one:

  7. Aveeno foot cream. I swear by it.
  8. the St. Ives Apricot scrub works well too if you don't have a pumice stone.

    I slather my feet in Aquaphor (really, just expensive vaseline) and put socks on when I go to bed. Feet stay nice and soft.
  9. Thanks everyone. I purchased one of the foot scrubby things and i'll try adding socks too. My heels are just so dry. :sad:
  10. This thread made me go look at mine. I'm a runner and when I scrub too much off, it hurts when I run. I have the Swedish Clover pumice board. The pedicurist told me she has had the same one for 10 years. I do it when my feet are dry, not wet.
  11. I agree with the pumice idea, you should soak your feet in epsom salt to help soften them its pretty cheap at the drug store.
  12. I googled for the Swedish Clover pumice board and found it on Amazon for $9.59 :smile: (The Diamancel runs about $48, so it sounds like it might be worth trying the Swedish Clover first. ;) )
  13. Scrub DAILY and apply Barielle Total Foot Care Recovery TWICE a day. It's fantastic, it nourishes your feet so well that it's as soft as snow!! I'm serious. The top nail salon in Singapore recommends this and the baby-powder smell is fabulous!!
  14. My neighbor had a terrible crack in her heel...really bad, and deep. I let her borrow my L'Occitane pure shea butter and it worked wonders. I highly recommend's about the best thing you can buy, and not horrifically expensive. Oh, and it lasts forever if you buy the big tin.
  15. Oh, I'm so glad for this post.. I'm having the same issue! I use Cetaphil but it hasn't been doing the trick!