Cracked canvas on vintage trousse toilette

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  1. I recently purchased a Vintage Trousse Toilette 18. Once i recieved it I noticed two tiny cracks on the canvas by the zipper. Would anyone know what i can do to help prevent it from cracking more? The cracks are right on the (natural) fold when the bag is not filled:sad:

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  2. There's really not much you can do at this point except try and return it if you can. Unfortunately the majority of adhesives available will actually damage the canvas further so I wouldn't recommend using them if you can't be refunded.
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  3. Its not too bad so i guess i will just have to use it with more caution. Thanks!
  4. Love your piece gently and it will last for many more years to come:heart:
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  5. Just know that if u need LV to work on it for any reason they won't touch it once the canvas is damaged.
    Since u seem like ur keeping it, enjoy it!
  6. Yes i know. Its very small and im really hoping it doesnt get worse. For an $80 purchase on a rare piece ive decided to keep it since the rest of the bag is in great condition;)

    Thanks for your feedback.
  7. Just curious, has the cracking stayed more or less the same? I just bought a Trousse 28 off ebay and i saw vertical cracks near the same area, where it'd be handled the most. Debating if I should just return it.
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  8. Unfortunately the cracking will only worsen over time so I would personally return it for a refund while I still could.
  9. It hasnt gotten any bigger. I dont baby it at all either. Im so glad i kept it:heart:
  10. If the cracks were not visible on the pics of the bag before you bought it you would have had a good reason to return it.
    If they were visible, it is a lesson to scrutinise pics and question any possible flaw.
    BUT you have (sensibly) taken the view that it was a good price for a rare piece.
    You did not give its age, but you might think, "if that's all the wear it shows after so many years, I'll be able to enjoy it for many more."
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  11. When i bought it, i didnt notice the small crack in the photos but once received i was hoping there was a way to prevent further cracking. Lucikly I havent had the need to do anything and its held up great and i carry this piece with me daily! I absolutely adore it. For the price i got it for and for a rare piece that is a 20+ (Mayb even 30+) yr old I dont regret the purchase at all:heart:.