Cracked Box Leather.

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking at an old Sac a Depeche in box leather with quite a bit of cracking of the finish around the stitching in one section. Is there an easy fix for this? The bag is very cheap, and I'm wondering if this is the reason. It is genuine BTW.
  2. I'm not an expert but don't think so, once this leather cracks there's not a way that it can be smoothed/bonded/restored to a new and fresh state.
  3. if anyone can alleviate the situation, it would be the amazing docride =)
  4. Thank you both. Your advise has been very helpful.
  5. Cracks can't be fixed. They can be filled - Luxury Again makes a crack filler. I personally don't recommend buying a bag with cracks unless you like the look and the cracks are not at all close to breaking (ie, no deep cracks at a stress point on the Depeches closure) and they don't bother you.
    A few cracks in old box can be charming but very hard if not impossible to make invisible. As all have said, Docride is the expert - however she can't recommend her Luxury Again products to you, so know that she does have a product line intended for vintage box.
  6. Great thread Johnxxx! Thanks for sharing QF. You are always helpful. What do we have to do to prevent cracks? I am interested in finding vintage box as well but now i am having doubts. Tia..
  7. Cheers Allinbee :smile:

    Thank you QuelleFromage for taking the time to share this very valuable information.