Cracked binding on shoulder strap???

  1. Okay, I was checking out an auction on e-bay for a Black Blake:

    One of the pictures show an OBVIOUSLY defective strap. How in the world does that happen? How common is that and do you have any experience with that happening to your rolled shoulder straps? Now I'm super concerned this will happen to mine. The seller said it's very common for sturdy handles?:wtf:

    TIA guys!

    Oh, this is OT but are their anyways for getting the dirt off handles?
  2. common? this has not happened to any of my handbags regardless of the designer. leather cleaner should work for the dirt.
  3. Thanks tadpole. Was pretty certain that isn't the norm. It hasn't happened to me anyhow. Interesting that she would say that though, maybe trying to make herself feel better for having it cracked?
  4. I replied to your comment in another thread but I just saw this picture - WOW!! That is NOT normal cracking!!!

    As I said, I had a Kenneth Cole bag that had rolled handles that started to crack a little, but it certainly wasn't anything like this!!!! It was more of a stretching thing. Of course, the leather on a KC is not the same. I didn't overstuff my bag either - it was just a larger bag w/rolled leather handles and carrying it on my shoulder caused the leather to start to stretch & slightly crack.

    This tho - that looks more torn and/or ripped. It's like it cracked and someone continued stretching the handles even further.
  5. Yep, just read your post:yes: Yea, THIS cracking is obnoxious though. Looks like someone cut it with a razor.