Crackdown of knock-offs - its about time!

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  1. Police Seize Counterfeits in Fashion District

    Los Angeles police detectives raided several clothing stalls along Santee Alley in the Fashion District on July 19 and seized an estimated $10 million worth of counterfeit apparel, knock-off Gucci bags, jewelry, sunglasses, CDs and other accessories.
    Police served warrants on several businesses during a noon-hour raid. Two suspects were arrested for selling alleged pirated CDs. Other dealers fled their stalls when they saw police arriving on the scene, leaving the merchandise behind, said a police spokesperson.
    Investigators were notified of the activity by investigators working for several apparel companies, said police.
    The bust was the second in the Fashion District in less than a month. Police arrested three suspects on June 29 for possessing thousands of pairs of counterfeit denim in a warehouse near the Fashion District.
  2. HELL yeah!!!!! Knockoffs need to STOP!!

    Thanks for the story:smile:
  3. unfortunately while it's great it is only one tip of all the knock offs
  4. wow! i only got to DRIVE thru fashion district when i was in town....
  5. Good. That's a few less fake bags I'll be seeing on the streets.
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