Crack on Palm Springs Mini..

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  1. Hi TPF member..
    The canvas on my Palm Springs mini is cracking.. Super sad because it was a birthday gift from hubby and I have waited for long to get the bag due to long waitlist last year.
    At first I have fraying issues and LV repair it. They changed all the black leather. Now is cracking and my SA offer me a new bag. The problem is I don’t have anything on my mind.. Should I wait for new piece or just choose other bag and which bag ? I don’t want to top up much because I will be on holiday for 2 times in Nov and Dec, I am saving my money for this.
    My concern is if I take the same bag, the same issues will happened again and I just don’t like to be in this kind of situation.
    Please help me.. All opinion are welcome..
    Thank you.
  2. What about some accessories, or does it have to be a bag?
  3. Yes I am thinking bag.. I don’t really change my wallet and I have 2 mini pochette, 1 Mila pochette and 1 cosmetic case which I never use.
    Just sitting on my closets.. I have no idea which accessories I can get.
  4. Can’t you just take a store credit and wait for something new to catch your eye?
  5. I have tried to ask, but my SA said they can’t give store credit in such case. Her suggestion is to keep the bag first until I can find a bag that I like. But I just worried if later they change their policy or something, so I am not able to change anymore. I just want to settle the issue asap..
  6. You need to say bye to this bag. I was offered to exchange my bag for another or at the same value or have it repaired.. I choose to repair but months later after the repair cracks started to show!!!! My advice... move on!! But something classic. Good luck.
  7. Thank you for your input.. :smile:
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  8. Still hope for more input from you.. Please help me to choose which bag to replace my PS mini.. Thanks..!
  9. Two bags which I think are cute might work for you is the Petit Noe and Boite Chapeau Souple.
  10. Same thing happened to me. I wish LV was consistent as some people get credit and others have to pick something that day. I ended up getting another one and will hope for the best. I wanted to exchange for the boite mentioned above but the waitlist apparently has hundreds of names.
  11. Get a store credit first
    And take your time to choose this round
  12. Why don’t you take a look at some of the other mini backpacks? Like the Clapton one (I think is the name) and the all leather one (I don’t know the name). Better to get rid of this bag now.
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  13. I’ll try to be more helpful lol. Pics.
    DCC7CD2F-4912-4F0F-9863-8509064AEE3B.png CEDB7018-6EFE-4F13-ADB6-677DE4ADE492.png
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  14. I am in the same boat with my Louise Strap with exchange or do the repair. I am also out of options for picking a replacement. Hope you find yours.
  15. LV has a new policy change that they can’t give out store credit at all. Has to be exchanged on the same day.