Crabtree & Evelyn?

  1. What are your opinion on their products?
  2. I love their lotions, especially one called Wisteria. It just smells so clean and fresh.
  3. As a British girl, they seem very old fashioned to me even though they have undergone a rebranding. I am sure some of their products are lovely, but I confess I haven't walked into one of their shops since I used to buy their Marigold bath foam for my much missed grandmother.
  4. I like the Wisteria, too. They dropped my longtime fave, Almond, so I wasn't happy about that. I think their quality is better than Bath & Body Works, but the lotions are just ok. I get my travel sizes from them in shampoo, conditioner, lotion, after-shower powder, etc.
  5. i like crabtree and evelyn, i have a couple of candles from there which are adorable.
    i'm a british girl too and its so true that its seen differently in England!
    I go there for cute hostess gifts sometimes if i am going to a friends for dinner etc
  6. I love their stuff. All clean, old-fashioned in a fantastic way, fresh and refreshing!
  7. I went in there a few times, my mom picked out some perfume, Wisteria I believe.
    I bought the jojoba cream but it's way too oily and smells like cheap laundry detergent, may just use it for the feet as it's super moisturizing.
  8. I have liked them for a long time, but I tend to think of them more for home fragrances than for skin care products...
  9. I loove their Nantucket Briar range... Perfectly subtle in my opinion...
  10. I like their products. They are very fresh and clean smelling to me. I love their goats milk hand scrub and lotion. It is really fab and makes a huge difference to your hands.
  11. I like their "Gardener" and "Summer Hill" hand therapy (hand cream).
  12. Yeah..the gardners therapy rocks!!! I also have the lavendar scented soap and hand lotion in my guest bath.

  13. I second that!!
  14. I love thier handcream !!!!
  15. I like their Hand Therapy. It makes a nice little gift.