Crab's Stuffs!

  1. Here's my humble collection, as you can see I have difficulty in brand loyalty cos I place emphasis on design 1st, then on the brand...

    LE Prada Logo Jacquard Antik Corda + Cocco
    BV medium Magnolia Veneta
    Burberry Blue Label Tote
    Gucci Shopping Tote
    Gucci pochette
    Dior Flowers Bag
    LE LV denim cruise collection mini pleaty
    Coach Signature Pink shoulder bag
    Coach Signature Soft Duffle Wristlet berry/purple
    Balenciaga Twiggy in Marine

  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Great mix! lovely

  4. Pretty! You have a great collection. :biggrin:
  5. Very nice!!! :smile:
  6. im lemming for a Chanel coco cabas bag now.... but running low on moolah, cos i just bought the BV and Balenciaga bag.... sigh
  7. Love the LV and guccis!
  8. great collection.
  9. I am just like you - eclectic taste! Your collection is beautiful so far :nuts: I am loving that mini pleaty, it's adorable!
  10. love the little pleaty!! thanks for sharing!!
  11. i lovee your diverse collection !
  12. Love all the variety...nice Prada bag.
  13. Great Collection.
  14. :smile:
  15. Great collection!! Love the variety!!! The BV magnolia veneta is sooo cute!!!