CR@P!!! No wine MAM for me :(

  1. Just got a call...even though the website said they had one and it let me order it, they actually sold it a couple days before and didnt update the no wine MAM for me....the search continues!
  2. Awww thats horrible! I'm sorry!! =( I would be so bummed about that. Don't worry tho. Keep looking and I'm sure something else will come up. Maybe even a sale :smile:
  3. Im keeping me fingers crossed! (and toes!). I love that wine color
  4. :sad: Aw, sorry to hear that! The search continues...
  5. What site did you use? This is the second time I've heard this same story! I ordered a MAM in black just now, and yesterday they said that they had three in stock, so I hope they didn't all sell between yesterday and today......
  6. aww im so sorry to hear that sukey, it was from funkylala wasnt it? i checked their availability that same day you ordered and i did see 1 left in stock... sucks how these websites dont update their inventory... :tdown:
  7. Im not mad at them, they have been really nice to me and I'll definitely shop there again.....Im just bummed that I didn't get that bag. I do wish online inventories were more accurate
  8. so sorry to hear!! the wine is a beautiful color too! i'm sure you will fine one soon enough... good luck!
  9. I'm very sorry to hear. I also ordered my morning after mini (wine) from and when I ordered a couple weeks ago, there were 2 left in stock.
  10. I saw a wine (99% sure it was wine) RM MAM at Nordstrom Bellevue Washington. Ask for Teri... tell her Sandy sent you. :smile: If she has trouble finding the bags, tell her to ask her managerl.
  11. I called and they said they only have the wine in the suede/leather combo, not the all leather one....but thanks anyway! (didnt speak to Teri though, would she know something the other SAs wouldn't?)
  12. Yeah, I have learned that if you snooze with these RM bags, you will lose! I lost out on a Royal Blue MAM while I was waiting for it to go on sale, and now when I see something I love from RM, I snap it up and dont think twice!:yes:

    I hope you find your Wine MAM soon!:yes:
  13. We'll help you find one Sukey.....just have to ask.....what's "in it" for us?????!!!!!!!!