CPrincess UK's Mulberry lovelies and outfit photos

  1. Yay! Glad you all enjoy the pics. I do love my bags. For the moment they are my babies. :p Will post more modelling pics in the week.
  2. oh what a absolutely gorgeous collection! i love them all!
  3. obsession is the right word :sweatdrop:

    awsome collection! thanks for posting :heart:
  4. You look so beautiful :smile: and the bags are stunning. True love for your Bays :heart: thank you for posting.
  5. what a great thread to stumble upon. Love your sense of style and your bags of course! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Thank you so much.

    haha I have become obsessed. I am trying to move back into buying more affordable bags though.

    Thank you. The Bays is my favourite style as you can guess

    Yay. I do love posting outfits. I have another set of photos to share. ;)
  7. With black Daria satchel



  8. What a collection you have! Never mind the bags, I love your great smile!
  9. Thanks so much Addy! Do you know what treatment can cure a Mulberry addiction?? I hope it is not incurable!;)

    I am waiting for yet another one! Hehe.
  10. With Black Bayswater



  11. my favorite is the lily. you really do look amazing :smile:
  12. What a stunning thread :wtf: You look amazing CP .
    My fave is the pic of you in the green dress & Oak Bays. Truly beautiful.
  13. Thanks Slowhand. I love maxi dresses in summer!

    Thank you. I love Lily but she gets the least use out of all of my bags as she is so formal.
  14. Oak Bays

  15. You look stunning! Black and oak Bays is a perfect match and so classy, nice detail with the belt too.