CP retail prices? Looking for a RH Jaune & GSH Sahara.

  1. Please help. :flowers: I have no clue.
  2. RH $285 and GH $ 3xx something I think.
  3. Thanks, South! Has anyone seen these CPs around?
  4. ^^ hgbags has some sahara sgh coin purses... i think she may have a couple on the *bay, but you can always email her through there to ask for her inventory ;)
  5. Thanks, LBF! I just purchased the sahara sgh CP from her! :yahoo:
    Now just need to find a RH jaune CP. :smile:
  6. ^^ YAY! She is so nice to deal with! Can't wait to see pics :yahoo:
  7. Second that! I'd love to see your Sahara city with its cute matching little coin purse!! :heart:
  8. How much is the make-up clutch in RH?
  9. the makeup is $495 retail
  10. The MU is $475 :yes:
  11. ^Then it must depend because Barneys charged me 495 for my Jaune MU, but at the point of nearly 500 for a makeup clutch, $20 isn't a huge difference. lol
  12. Think it might have gone up recently. CPs are now $295 (were $285) and Makeups are $495 (were $475). At least those were the prices that Barneys quoted me.
  13. Now if I can just find some bright cp's. I don't want black or brown.
  14. If anyone sees a Jaune MU can you please let me know:tender: thank you!!!!!!
  15. ^^There was one on eBay???