Cozy Purse

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm interested in buying a black MC Cozy Purse. Do you think it's practical for credit cards & store cards? I like to store all my cc's, store cards & id's together so I have about 20 cards. Do you think its too small? If so can you recommend something else in that price range?

    Also, anybody have pics of the inside of this purse.

  2. I think the cozy is too small for 20 cc. sorry i don't have inside pics.
  3. Cozy is definitely too small. I tried it out and it's a really tight fit even for one card:sweatdrop: .
  4. Really :confused1: wow...

  5. What do use it for???
  6. oh sorry i don't have it, i only meant that i don't have a inside pic and that i heard of many tpf'ers that the cozy is pretty small.
  7. I have the cozy purse in white and it only fits 3 cc's and some bills and change. Very small but super cute!
  8. Might be a bit of a real tight squeeze...
  9. cozy is a nice way of saying. tiny.
    20 ccs is a lot for a wallet
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    You always crack me up!!
  11. Poche Toilette 15 is nice to hold cc's, receipts, etc (and even a Palm PDA).
  12. Yes I think I saw the pics on another thread. I love it for that reason but I'm not looking for mono. I haven't bought a mono bag yet but when I do I'm sure I will look into Poche Toilette 15. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info LVixen posted some great pics. I was wondering if I could shove most of the cards in the part where she keeps her money & it's not only credit cards...I need it for my ID, PBA cards & store (discount) cards.

    :confused1: I guess I'll call the store in the city to see if they have it so I can check it out in person.

    I like the black MC b/c I want to buy a black speedy 25.:love: I like the fact that the cozy purse doesnt have any vachetta showing.
  14. wow - it small