Cozy Purse?

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  1. I think that this is just the cutest thing! Does anyone have it? If so, does it carry much or is it way too little?


    I mean, does it carry much as a wallet? (Not as a purse!)
  2. i dont own one but i like the look, I think it will hold a bit.
  3. I like a BIG wallet so for me it looks too small. Does elux have interior pics?
  4. It's quite small.. I'm not sure how much use you'd actually get out of it.
  5. It is pretty small and it doesn't have a place for bills. Elux doesn't have interior pictures, but I wish they'd get some!
  6. [​IMG]
    here are some pics.
  7. It is pretty small. I can only fit at most 3 cards in there and not much cash.
  8. yeah.
  9. i think it would look nice with a wapity.
  10. it looks like the business card holder....its pretty small...its also kinda like a ludlow and thats small....I have the ludlow and I can keep about 6 credit cards and like a dollar....I dont want to stretch the darn really careful
  11. I think it might be more useful for the night out where you just want to bring a credit card and couple of bills. Or to use it in a very small pochette.. very cute design nontheless
  12. I got it in's very cute and fits into the Wapity.I use it as a cardholder...:smile: It is very small anyway.