Cozy Couture reveal

  1. A friend gifted me with an ink Cozy Couture for Christmas. It's a big bag, something that I probably wouldn't have bought for myself, but it's a gorgeous dark blue and will hold a ton. And it's the thought that counts ;) The Kiss and Makeup wallet is cute, with 3 separate compartments.

    IMG_3829.JPG IMG_3826.JPG IMG_3827.JPG IMG_3828.JPG
  2. What a nice color! I dig the wallet too~ lucky!
  3. The color is beautiful! It's a richer hue than the stock photos of ink that I've seen. There almost seems to be a hint of purple -- or is that just the lighting?

    What color is the lining?
  4. I think the most true color picture is the one on the striped chair. The flash made it seem a bit more purply.
    Lining in the bag is brown; wallet is purple.

  5. What a lovely and thoughtful gift!
  6. Gorgeous! And I love the Kiss & Makeup!
  7. What a gorgeous color! Is it lux? The style sort of reminds me of Women United. Enjoy it!
  8. The leather looks amazing! Thanks for posting!
  9. It's Lux leather and the color is called Ink, a very dark blue.

  10. Thanks Joan. I like that color more and more each time I see it!
  11. Gorgeous color! You've made me want a Tano.
  12. What a wonderful gift Joan!! I love the color...go loving blue!

    Enjoy it!
  13. My lovelies :love:

    I just got one of these as a gift as well!!! I may have to pick up the little zip case, it's so cute! My first Tano in a long, long, long time! Ink is gorgeous!