Cozy coin purse or Burberry tote?


Which should I get?

  1. Black Cozy

  2. Burberry bag

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  1. As you may know, my next planned purchase was the black MC Cozy coin purse, however I have never seen any in a colour combo that I like and I have a feeling that I might not ever...well at least not for several months.

    My sister in law is visiting from hong kong, and has this nice pink burberry tote, that can also be worn messenger style! :nuts: This bag is only available in Asia so she said that if I really want one she can get one for me and my mom can bring it back for me when she visits hong kong in September.

    Here are some pics of the tote:

    Unflattering pic of me, but you get the idea. :push:

    Anyways, they are about the same price...$300 something CAD, but I can only afford one or the other. My sis in law leaves on Thursday, and I'm not going to LV until Friday the earliest so I have to decide before Thursday. Oh yeah, and I don't own anything Burberry so far so this would be my first and probably only one if I decide to get it. But I don't know if I need another bag.
  2. Burberry tote first. Cozy later. Can't get that Bur here :p
  3. Normally I'd pick an LV over anything else, but that tote is very nice.
  4. The tote isn't my favorite but you like it, so go for that first!
  5. I'd get the Burberry tote over the cozy.
  6. I voted Cozy. I don't like the BurBag, I'm sorry. The Cozy is stunning, and you can carry it everyday, whereas the bag of course would go into rotation with whatever other bags you already have.
  7. That's a tough. I think in the end it's up to you. But if you really like the bag, get it first.
  8. Burberry!:tup:
  9. i think the burberry tote is quite cute and looks usefull, so i vote for that. You can always get the cozy later.
  10. I never really looked at Burberry bags before, but the pink one is super cute!!! I'd go with that one over the cozy coin purse.
  11. It's like comparing apples to oranges but you look good with the Burb!!!
  12. Burberry!
  13. Not a Burberry fan for myself, but that specific tote is a cutie. Why not?
    The cozy will still be around. good luck!
  14. I'm not a Burberry fan and I will always choose LV over any other designer.

    Therefore, my vote goes to get the BLACK MC COZY.
  15. I think I would get the tote now and wait to get the cozy later.