Cows and Calves

  1. As most of you know my hobby is photography. Well, after work today, I stopped by my neighbor's house to take some pictures of his herd of cattle. They are primarily hobby farmers but they do raise cows for dairy & sale. They have about 12-14 baby calves--one is only 2 days old. These are mostly Holstein Cows.

  2. And these are a few shots of mama cows I took on another local farm a few months ago:
  3. How cute - great photos :smile:
  4. Aww how cute.:love:
  5. Great photos
  6. Great photos! Thanks for sharing, Japster!
  7. how cute i love cows! they are so sweet and have the biggest brown eyes... just adorable great pics
  8. How cute they are!!
  9. I've never actually seen one up close (never been on a farm in my life)....they're kinda cute!
  10. they're SO adorable! LOL!
    There's some fab ranches out here and we LOVE driving up next to the fences and ogling the cows for some reason!
    They seem so sweet and are always so friendly.

    Great photos, I also love photography!
  11. Cute, makes me want a steak though.
  12. What great pics. Did not know you were multi talented...
  13. You are a great photographer. The cows are so cute!:love:
  14. You are a very good photographer. Adorable cows.
  15. Aww, pretty cows:smile:
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