Coworker's Fendi Inspired Spy Bag

  1. I thought I saw one of my coworkers w/ a spy today. Just before I said anything I looked at it again and it was definitely Fendi Inspired, it didn't have Fendi anywhere on it. So...what's the opinions on Fendi Inspired handbags???
  2. I don't care for them at all. I actually saw some Fendi inspired bags that kind of looked like a spy in Forever 21. They had braided handles and everything but were quite ugly in my opinion. Maybe that's where your co-worker picked up her bag.
  3. I think it's kinda tacky, but at least it's not illegal. I would assume that a lot of people who would carry around a bag like that do not even necessarily know that it is a knock-off. I can't really fault them for not being obsessed with expensive purses!
  4. ^^I agree Robin & Liti, I saw a cute silver bag in Forever 21 for $10, years ago I would have bought it and used it. I wouldn't have known it was an inspired LV Mirror Alma! I've seen those inspired ones in kiosks at the mall too...right in front of the Fendi boutique!
  5. A customer of mine has an inspired spy in black and brown and I think she said she had it in another color too. She doesnt strike me as the type to know that it's a knock off. Surely she found them in some store and thought it was cute. And while the leather or probably pleather was...pretty hidious, at least it was the style that drew her to the bag. I didnt have the heart to tell her it was a Fendi knock off, as she raved about how excited she was about it. But more power to her, if that's what pleases her, I guess. I wish I was that easily satisfied!
  6. Well at least they aren't fake? I guess
  7. I think there's nothing wrong with it as long as it doesn't wear the fendi name. I mean all the fashion (even the really economic ones) are determined and inspired by the big designer brands. So I guess it wouldn't bother me at all..
  8. I see them everywhere here ... in the Horn of Africa!!!!