Coworker gripe...

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  1. Sorry, I just had to get this out... I fully realize this is not a big deal in and of itself, but it just really makes me wonder about how inconsiderate and thoughtless people are in my company. You may have read my other thread about somebody leaving poop in the toilets.

    I work for a small company (just 20 people) that's been undergoing some bizarre changes... it's like overnight several people's personalities suddenly changed. We all know one another extremely well but there are a few unhappy people who feel like they're mistreated by our bosses or whatever...

    We all more or less take care of entertaining our own clients with food/drinks, etc. in because we don't have a receptionist whose job it is to do this. So today there are some clients coming in and I literally cannot leave food in the kitchen without my co-workers stealing it. And now by the time I need to serve lunch, half of it is gone (these are catered plates -- so they're artfully arranged and it looks so bad when half of the food is missing, even if there's still enough for everyone). I resorted to hiding it in our accountant's office (who is not here) but it still manages to disappear.

    I don't know who does it and weirdly enough, I can't imagine any one of them doing it. They all seem like extremely kind, mature people who wouldn't bother with such antics. It seems so CHILDISH and stupid and desperate to STEAL food that's clearly not for you (trust me, this is very clear to them). I think it's just somebody's, or a few people's, passive-aggressive way of taking as much as they can from our bosses (who obviously pay for the food since they own the company) since they feel like our bosses take away something from them.

    Sorry, I just had to vent to someone... thank you guys for listening. It's just food, but it seems to childish to me.
  2. People are crazy and just odd. It really boils down to that. It's a "different" person that would take a catered food plate, knowing it was not for him/her.

    At my office, we don't have catering brought in, but there is one partner who steals food from others- as in Lean Cuisine, leftovers, whatever and then the person is left w/ no lunch. He has no concept that it is just not okay to steal food not meant for him. Some people just don't have manners.
  3. wow, sounds like my co-workers. Usually your suppose to ask someone before digging in!!

    Maybe next time leave a note saying this food is reserved?
  4. I would be dying to know who's doing it. I think it's Nanny-Cam time. Obviously you couldn't do that with the bathroom, but this is a perfect opportunity to find the culprit(s). I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same person(s) responsible for both unmannerly...activities. :hrmm:
  5. That's too bad. You would think adults would behave better. I work in a large company - lunches are stolen from the employee fridge on a regular basis - people have even had leftovers eaten right out of their own tupperware & 1/2 left behind for them by the culprit - DISGUSTING. Obviously they don't get to eat any of it since someone has been digging into it with their own disgusting spit. All of us earn a decent living there - there is NO excuse for it. WTF is wrong with some people? Plus our building is in the heart of the city - there are plenty of cheap places to grab a bite. It just amazes me the gross displays that go on - and don't even get me started on our ladies room.

    I guess it's happening all over. I just don't get it.
  6. ^ We have that issue w/ leftovers too. One person that no longer works here would send out an email to everyone in the office about her food when she'd bring it in, like, I spit in it, so beware, or the kids have a wicked stomach virus, I wouldn't eat it if I were you, stuff like that. It kind of seemed to work?
  7. Wow. We had a similar problem at my office, but they put cameras up, caught the person, and promptly fired them since it was a violation of our code of conduct (it's stealing).

    Some ideas:

    Put a note on the food very clearly stating not to touch it.

    Re-do the sandwiches or whatever you're putting out with tons of hot pepper sauce or cayenne pepper sprinkled in, or something gross that won't be noticed till you eat it.

    Bring in a cooler so you can keep the food at your desk to keep an eye on it.

    Have you brought this up with anyone? Maybe someone is just dumb enough to think that if it's there, it's for everyone?
  8. Yeah, I like to give people the benefit of a doubt also... but we never get catered food for ourselves. Someone cooks and brings it in and leaves it next to the coffee maker. When huge catered plates are wrapped up and set in the fridge (and there are a ton of clients clamoring around the office), it should be clear to these otherwise very intelligent people that this food isn't for them.

    Because we work in a small office, I'm really reluctant to leave notes like that or to bring it up. I guess it's just part of working life. I'm new to the professional world... I'm only 23 and I thought we would leave dorm-room behavior behind, like stealing someone's food. I guess people really don't grow up.

    I think what really irks me is that I know the people I work with REALLY well -- or I think I do, but really I don't if they do things like this. I couldn't even guess which of them would do this.
  9. That is so rude. I too would install camera's!! ANd write a HUGE sign saying "stay the f*ck away!" LOL
  10. I can't believe it! To me, stealing from food in the fridge is kind of gross! Could you put up a sign maybe, in front of the plates "DO NOT TOUCH".
    That would really tick me off to the point I would just speak out "WHO TOOK THE FOOD THAT WAS ON THE PLATES?"
  11. First, from now on put a sign on the plate, and then bring up the issue at the next general meeting.

    If you don't have those, just tell the office's gossip that next time food disappears you will get your bosses involved. He or she will spread the message for you.
  12. ^ Could you try that? Just ask? Since you did mention that everyone in your office is quite close knit... Surely these people will be embarrassed into stopping their childish antics?
  13. Hi there! I don't think that your gripe is unusual at all. We actually have this problem in my office. We originally started off as a very small organization of about 15 people and over the course of the last 3.5 years, we now have over 70 people. Ocassionally, to boost morale or to reward people for their hard work and long hours, the organization will provide lunch. People also have a tendency to bring things in for the benefit of everyone, and if there are special guests expected in the office, they cater for the guests. When they cater, they have to hide the food in the official conference room because if they leave it out, people will assume it's free for the taking. We've also had a few situations where people's lunches were eaten -- lunches that were stored in the fridge.
  14. i think this is common. i used to bring my lunch to work in a cooler, rather than put it in a shared refrigerator.

    i know a lot of people who keep little refrigerators in their offices.

    if it was a catered food plate, i would send an email to the boss...i think the camera idea is helpful.
  15. I can't believe how inconsiderate and ill-mannered people can be. I've never had these problems at my work. Generally food in the fridge is known to be brought by someone for their own personal lunch. Shared food is left on a counter with a note.

    Most of us have small refrigerators in our offices also - more as a matter of convenience and space than lunch theft.

    Since the office is small, I would mention that catered plates are for clients, and everyone should refrain from eating them! I'd place a note on the item in the future and if it occurs even with the note, then you absolutely must speak up!