Cowboy boots

  1. I have been wanting to get a pair for a while, but I can't get my whole foot in. I wear a size 10 and have even tried 11 with no luck. I get my foot in so far and then can't get my heel all the way in. I own tons of other boots in a size 10 that fit with no problem. Have any of you ladies had a problem like this?
  2. I have super narrow ankles so i've never had that problem.. maybe you should try a 10C (if they make that size? :shrugs:)
  3. I haven't but shamefully I've only bought my cowboy boots in Japan (LOL and I live in Texas now :nuts:). I think a shorter style may help the arch issue I think you're having?
  4. I have a pair from a while ago but don't have this problem. Are you having this problem with a specific pair or cowboy boots in general?
  5. I usually have the same problem with cowboy boots, but i manage to fit into Lucchese cowboy boots with a higher heel , like the Charlie model ...its a bit tough at the beginning but then the leather stretches nicely..its also easier with the mid calf ones ...hope that helps a bit ;)
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  6. I haven't tried a specific brand. If I see a cute pair that I like I try them on with no luck. I have a huge arc, so I think that doesn't help much.
  7. Ohhh I will have to try these.
  8. also Italian "cowboy" boots from for example Carl Scarpa have zippers on the side....heaven! :heart::tup:
  9. ^Awesome! I was wondering if any came with the zipper since I haven't seen them yet.
  10. If it is just a matter of getting your foot into the boot (rather than sizing), have you tried the plastic bag trick? It's how I need to slip on most of my boots that do not have zippers when they are new and definitely my cowboy boots.

    I learned this from Nordies. Take a plastic grocery bag and line the inside of your boot with it with a bit sticking out so you can hold onto it. Slide your foot into the boot while holding to a piece of the bag. Your heel should be able to slide right in. Once your foot is in, pull the plastic bag out. Voilla!